Personal Branding

Internet Globalization 


Personal branding was first introduced as a concept in 1937 in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  The personal branding concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging. The idea is to stand out and to leave a lasting impression through one’s personal assets such as appearance, clothing choice, education, and whatever else one chooses to show to the world.

According to the article The Brand Called You published in 1997, in order to stand out and be successful one needs to “understand the importance of branding” The article brings up an interesting point that we are in charge of “marketing” ourselves. It explains how we need to be free agents.  And if one succeeds in marking one’s self in a creative new way, opportunities will arise.  “Along the way, if you’re really smart, you figure out what it takes to create a distinctive role for yourself —you create a message and a strategy to promote the brand called you.” The first step to become your own brand is to understand that you are not defined by your job or your friends but instead find what makes you distinctive from others. The article pushes the idea that we all need to decide what it is we want to be famous by figuring what we do that adds .value, that we are proud of.  Then comes the actually “branding” of oneself.  Essentially the article is pushing the act of “getting involved” whether it be through, making an effort to meet new colleague, teaching a lecture or writing a newspaper column.

The idea of marketing myself sounds a bit daunting, because in the end everything you chose to do or chose not to do, matters.  I find that reputation and first impressions do effect how people remember you.  The first step is to be remembered but it is important to keep in mind that not all attention is necessarily “good” attention. There are so many recognizable brands and as an individual we start to decide what we like based on the value promised to us. One should keep this in mind and aim at being remembered for the positive not the negative. We must build brand equity.

The Article Personal branding 101: How to Discover and Create your Brand states “There is no hiding anymore and transparency and authenticity are the only means to survive and thrive in this new digital kingdom.”This article touches on a lot of the same ideas regarding how to market oneself as in the article  “The Brand Called you” but brings to the table how to do this in our ever growing digital age. But the beliefs stay the same: keep up with personal impressions and get yourself out there. With all the platforms available there is some social media website for everyone.

Nowadays thanks to the Internet, word of mouth is moving at lightning speed and when something goes viral you can be sure most people will hear about it.  However, the great thing about branding oneself, is not a new concept, now with the web anyone can do it.

The Article Personal Branding Becomes a Necessity in a Digital Age.  By Mark Glaser, states how social medias and blogging on the web have become the springboards for personal branding.  To exhibit how successful one can become if they brand themselves correctly, the article using the example of Scott Karp, who become well known for his blog, “Publishing 2.0”.  Karp is one of many who have found fame through self promoting, even if blogging started as just a hobby.  Karp states “You could define social media as the shift from publication brands to personal brands, as media shifts to the social web.”  The article also moves beyond just the idea that personal branding not only helps you get ahead but that it is actually almost mandatory because of the importance it will have on protecting one’s career and personal reputation.   



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